Poland for Visitors - Poland Travel Guide

Welcome to Poland

So you entered e-poland.org. The only reason you dropped by is you are about to visit Poland or you are in this country and got lost. I am to help you to find your way. There are many reasons why you visit Poland, you may be a businessman who tries to make a lot of money or you are just a tourist who does not want to lose too much money. Anyway you are a visitor.

Useful Information on Poland

e-poland.org contains only useful information on Poland as Polish customs, Polish prices, Polish food and beverages, accomodation, etc... There is a good Polish Hotels data base with online booking. There are cheap hostels and high quality Polish hotels and normal tourist standard hotels. Any visitor to Poland is to be satisfied. You have to get to Poland somehow, so also check cheap flights to Poland and car rental possibilities. There is a big article on driving in Poland. Is driving in Poland any different? Read it first, you need to know a few things before you do it. Of course you might be a person whou would like to spend more time in Poland, so Polish acommodation possibilities are also explained more detailed.

Polish customs need to be mentioned, you need to know the basics in order not to be smacked in your face. In this case Polish people are very quick and hot tempered. For real tough people I am to provide with a few short lessons of Polish language, so you are able to say thank you and ask for two beers in Polish.

Polish Business

If you are on business you are not left alone, do not worry, I have some useful information on Polish business as well. Poland is a leader in many industrial branches. You do not know it because Polish factories produce for global companies, so Polish brands are not mentioned. Poland is a good opportunity for production many kind of goods.

Polish History and who we like and who we hate

Polish history? No way. It is too complicated, but for some nerds this information is also provided, but very limited version. Do not rely on official Polish goverment information, they are wrong, besides we do not like our goverment. We also provide basic information on Polish heroes and people we hate, being politically correct, I would rather say people we are not fan of.

Polish Art

Polish Visual Art? OK, we have some masterpieces. Your culture lust is to be feeded as well. This subject is so big, so it is fully covered in our different site.

Polish Food

Polish food is a bit different, small differences that matter. Poland always was a big country between Germany and Russia, so our food is influenced by both cultures. Hungary also made own influence and we started to eat goulash. Saurkraut is Polish and German. The same sausages are served in Germany, Poland and Ukraine. Poland is known from sausages, fish, pork chops and soups. It is going to be a big section of this website, I am going to provide with many recipes.